Emergency Preparedness & Logistics

With nearly 35 years experience in the utility and emergency preparedness and logistics operations field, DRG Consulting has the skills necessary to ensure you are prepared when disaster strikes.  Our logistics experience includes working with utilities, nuclear power plant uprate projects, oil spills, and first responders.  In addition to logistics, our skills include incident command systems, training, integrated supply chain plans, fleet operations, workforce management and logistics support for distribution emergencies, power generation oil spills, and nuclear power plant incidents.

Experience Matters:
  1. Emergency Preparedness Manager

  2. Nuclear Incidents

  3. Power Generation Capacity Shortfall

  4. Power Generation Oil Spill Mitigation

  5. Corporate Business Continuity & Pandemic Plan

  6. Employee Work Stoppage

DRG Consulting has gained a tremendous amount of storm logistics operations experience since the early 1980’s.  As an integral part of the Hurricane Andrew restoration effort in 1992 in South Florida, Rod Alsop has been responsible for the logistics operations, planning, training development, and the development of operational processes for the past ten years.  During the 2004 and 2005 storm seasons at Florida Power & Light, he coordinated the set up and operations of over 75 major staging sites, some in excess of 3,000 personnel on each site.  In 2005 Rod managed alternative housing logistics for FPL’s mutual assistance team provided to Entergy.  During the 2012 Hurricane Sandy Super Storm, he provided logistics consulting to Con Edison and logistics support to PSE&G.  Mr. Alsop also represented FPL Logistics in benchmarking efforts with no less than ten different utilities since 2004.  Rod’s experience also includes Logistics Travel Manager supporting distribution restoration support teams for more than 15 years while traveling to more than ten different states and ten different utilities for emergency restoration events.

DRG Consulting can develop processes and manage logistics support for all distribution emergencies, power generation oil spills and nuclear power plant incidents.  We also develop logistics training manuals and implement logistics operations for emergency incidents.  Our processes are specifically designed to save significant operating costs during each event.

DRG Consulting has the experience for the development and operations of the following emergency preparedness functions – Nuclear Incidents (most recently, the development of the National Nuclear Regulatory Commission Fukushima Plan); Power Generation Capacity Shortfall Plan; Power Generation Oil Spill mitigation plan; Corporate Business Continuity and Pandemic Plan and the Employee Work Stoppage Plan.  Our experience includes the 24 hours a day operations of more than 75 separate major storm staging sites.  We have also designed event staging sites for Florida Power & Lights service territory – in more than 100 locations that accommodate as few as 50 personnel and up to 3500 personnel on one location.

A few of our current accountabilities:

  • Develop processes and manage logistics support for all Distribution emergencies, Power Generation oil spills and Nuclear Power Plant incidents
  • Develop logistics training manuals and implement logistics operations for emergency incidents
  • Training of logistics personnel and managing the workforce during major emergency events
  • Develop processes specifically designed to save significant operating costs during each event
  • Develop, maintain and supervise the Integrated Supply Chain business continuity plans that include natural and man-made disasters and acts of terror
  • Logistics Section Chief for Distribution storm restoration incidents, Corporate Shortfall Capacity events, the Corporate Oil Spill Recovery Team (COSRT), and the Nuclear incident team
  • Develop and manage the Integrated Supply Chain pandemic plan
  • Managing corporate fleet operations, utility heavy hauling processes, alternative housing logistics, corporate recycling services departments, corporate sign and duplication departments
  • Recruit logistics team leaders, identify and provide additional training for key personnel in leadership roles for each logistics support team

Safety is the primary focus of our accountabilities.  The strengths DRG Consulting brings to your organization are based on first hand operations experience.  Our hands-on experience provides us the ability to assess and analyze situations quickly and to take appropriate action immediately.  Having the ability to accurately determine the conditions and implement appropriate solutions save time and reduce costs.  An accurate assessment is critical, our focus is the development of processes that reduce significant and wasteful dollars spent.  Standardization, replication and the proper training tools for all support personnel provide an outstanding workforce.  Costs will be reduced while focusing on safety, developing personnel, developing appropriate processes and eliminating bottlenecks.

Rod Alsop has been a member of the Southeastern Electric Exchange (SEE) for ten years, and a member of the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (FEPA).  Additionally, he was the founding member and served in each of the committee’s leadership roles, of the SEE logistics sub-committee.  Rod has been heavily involved in the benchmarking efforts with numerous utilities and contractors throughout the nation for the past ten years.  He received the first ever Integrated Supply Chain Leadership award in 2012.

Industry Certifications:

  • Certified through 400 series Incident Command System (ICS) training
  • Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)
  • Hazwoper – First Responder Awareness

Professional Organizations:

  • Florida Emergency Preparedness Association member (FEPA)
  • Southeastern Electric Exchange member and officer (SEE)
  • Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

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