DRG Consulting will help you prepare, train and respond but our primary focus will be safety.  Focusing on safety before, during and after an emergency will assure that the impact of the disaster is minimized.  DRG Consulting will review all of your disaster preparedness plans and processes with each responsible individual’s safety in mind.  Our recommended plans will be low-risk yet extremely effective, cost efficient, and most importantly… safe!

A sample of our emergency preparedness and training with safety initiatives will include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Planning and processes, training, exercises and drills
  • Who is responsible, chain of command, and accountability

Having peace-of-mind that your site and your staff are safe at all times is priceless.  Safety is at the core of all DRG Consulting processes.

Effective emergency management planning and training in a cost effective manner is a top priority.  Disasters and emergencies will happen… being prepared to respond quickly will assure that your services will be restored efficiently.  With DRG Consulting, you can rest assured that all areas have been reviewed and costly mistakes have been eliminated.  Cost effective measures will include:

  • Cost estimate plan
  • Tracking process
  • Audit plan
  • Accountability

DRG Consulting will recognize cost saving opportunities while reviewing your plans and processes; resources, training and contracts.

Count on DRG Consultant’s first-hand experience to bring your emergency response plans in line with leading industry practices.  Your improved operations processes and enhanced response training will be evident when establishing ICS (Incident Command System) and EOC (Emergency Operations Center) with our training.  Our professionals have fine-tuned the necessary steps, time lines, and processes to share with your staff.  We will benchmark your plans and share proven industry practices to assure you have the most effective operations plan in place with a highly skilled workforce when an emergency happens.

  • Command Structure / Organization Chart
  • Time lines
  • Communications
  • Plan and process execution

Be confident that your ICS (Incident Command System) and command structure is in place with productivity metrics and time lines.

When a disaster or an emergency happens, logistics becomes a key response tool to reduce the impact of the disaster.  Our team is experienced in site assessment, managing crews, base camps, staging areas, housing, food services and all areas that need attention during an emergency.  We will review your current logistics processes, review contracts and resources, and train your staff to be better prepared.  Our recommendations will be cost effective and efficient.

  • Processes
  • Resources
  • Training
  • Contracts

Readiness requires logistics training.  DRG Consulting will review your processes, resources, training and contracts and compare each to industry standards.

Planning for a disaster or emergency is critical.  DRG Consulting has the experience you need to be prepared for the inevitable.  We know what resources will be required from communications to housing, ICS to food service.  We know the personnel that will be needed and how to train these people to be prepared.  Now, with DRG Consulting, you can also KNOW YOU’RE PREPARED.

  • Resources
  • Training
  • Drills
  • Forecasting
  • Contingency Plans

Let DRG Consulting help you plan the resources necessary (client and contractor), training and drills needed, forecasting and contingency plans.


Safety Liason Role

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Review Plan

Who is Accountable


Cost Estimate Plan

Cost Tracking Process

Audit Plan





Command Structure

Productivity Metrics

Incident Command System Status








Training / Drills


Contingency Plans