DRG Consulting will provide results and recommendations after our initial consultation and fact finding reviews.  Our recommendations will include:

  • Provide overview of key personnel interviews
  • Identify impediments and key issues
  • Offer improvement solutions
  • Discuss lessons learned
  • Develop and implement contingency plans
Professional consultancy

Our thorough analysis includes:

DRG Consulting’s core objectives include a detailed analysis of safety, finance, operations, logistics, and planning processes in regards to emergency preparedness and disaster relief plans.

Business presentation

During our review we will look closely at the following:

Favicon  Cost saving opportunities
Favicon  Identify regulatory requirements
Favicon  Resource development
Favicon  Pre-storm planning and guideline implementation
Favicon  Mitigate potential process bottlenecks
Favicon  Assessment of post-storm audit processes

In addition, we will also be reviewing and making recommendations on the following:

  • Infrastructure assessment / patrolling
  • Site assessment
  • Gateway / Processing Site plans
  • Staging site plans & footprints
  • Support Resource plans
  • Training plans
  • Emergency Plan Triggers
  • Command Center Support
  • Estimated Time to Restore (ETR) processes & communications
  • Future Plans

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