Having peace-of-mind that your site and your staff are safe at all times is priceless.  Safety is at the core of all DRG Consulting processes.


DRG Consulting will recognize cost saving opportunities while reviewing your plans and processes; resources, training and contracts.


Be confident that your ICS (Incident Command System) and command structure is in place with productivity metrics and time lines.


Readiness requires logistics handling of processes, resources, training and contracts.  DRG Consulting knows the industry standards.


Let DRG Consulting help you plan the resources necessary (client and contractor), training and drills needed, forecasting, and contingency plans.

Disaster Resource Group: Consulting Services

DRG Consulting provides superior cost effective services and evaluation of emergency preparedness plans.

DRG Consulting will review your restoration plans and processes by interviewing key personnel and examining your emergency response plans.  Improvement opportunities will be offered by comparing your plans with leading industry standards and practices.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll do…

  • Preliminary design meeting; confirm objectives and timeline
  • Review plans and processes; safety, operations, logistics, procurement
  • Interview key personnel, review training plans
  • Site assessment, gateway/processing site plans
  • Identify impediments and key issues
  • Performance Action Review
  • Develop and implement contingency plans

Our Mission

DRG Consulting will review emergency preparedness plans/processes, and interview key personnel to ensure the emergency response plans are in line with industry standards.  We will provide results and strategic recommendations based on our analysis.

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Safety is always at the center of our work!

With assistance from DRG Consulting, you gain the confidence that your disaster preparedness plans are the best they can be.  Know you’re prepared!